Truckmounted carpet cleaning machines

A truck mounted, carpet cleaning machine is the standard installation for the majority of carpet cleaning vans in use today. These machines supply dependable, industrial-strength vacuum and hot water delivery and recovery for effective steam or 'extraction' carpet cleaning. The ability to mount the equipment inside a carpet cleaning van makes for a highly mobile setup that is especially suited to bringing your carpet cleaning business to the customers place of residence or to a commercial business.

Carpet Cleaning Machine

These truck mounted, cleaning machines are bolted to the floor of a basic cargo van. They are powered by their own gas or propane driven engines and thus do not require any electrical energy from the customers residence. They are self-contained and able to be moved into a different van if required. They are obtainable in many various sizes and prices making them available to a wide range of carpet cleaning businesses.

The most important advantage to truck mounted machines is cleaning power. Truck mounted systems use on board water and can heat it to over 220 F. The hotter water helps breakdown the dirt, soils and stains in the carpet and also improves the chemical action of the cleaning solution. Secondly, truck mounts are able to supply more powerful water pressure which will ensure your carpets are fully rinsed out and altogether free of any solution. Extra solution left on a carpet will cause it to get dirty faster. Lastly, the vacuum power of truck mounts is significantly greater than using portable machines. Better vacuum means improved extraction of dirt and soils and also, less residual water left behind so drying times are faster e.g. 4-6 hours vs. overnight for most portable cleaners.

There are several different companies that supply truck mounted, carpet cleaning equipment. A wide selection of quality vendors means a large selection of equipment from which to chose. Although the standard functions are the same for each machine, the features and functions vary across manufacturers. Also, each company has its own maintenance agreements and facilities. Its worthwhile to spend as much time as required to find the proper equipment to fit your business enterprise. Some of the well known companies are:

o Hydramaster
o ProChem
o Blueline
o Sapphire Scientific
o Butler Systems

Truck mounted cleaning equipment has come a long way over the past several years and comprises the foundation of most carpet cleaning businesses. With better cleaning and mobility, they are part of why this business is one of the fastest growing small businesses today.

Truckmounted carpet cleaning machines

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